Ultima pictura de Mentafollia (lansat in 2004), una dintre apele alegorice de la Guerlain despre care am mai scris AICI, a alunecat si s-a topit pe gatul meu intr-o zi insorita de mai 2017, iar Herba Fresca (cititi AICI cateva note informative) si-a luat la revedere de la mine in lunga vara fierbinte a anului trecut. M-am simtit extrem de apropiata de toate apele alegorice pe care le-am cunoscut de-a lungul anilor si nu am ratat momentul aparitiei lor pe scena fierbinte a verilor care au trecut.

Pentru 2017, Bergamote Calabria readuce in prim plan acele placeri, promisiuni si mistere ce incununeaza toate asteptarile noastre de sezon. Contureaza perfect gradina de vara racoroasa, cartile citite pana tarziu, in lumina amurgului, diminetile pline de soare si de promisiuni, atat de frumoase incat ti se pare ca ai atins, asemeni zeilor, nemurirea.


Bergamote Calabria, creat in 2017 de Thierry Wasser si Delphine Jelk se anunta, in comunicatele de presa, ca un parfum unisex, citric si fresh, un profil care ascunde, cred eu, surpriza cea mai valoroasa a unui parfum de vara: aceea de a fi extrem de simplu si foarte sofisticat in acelasi timp. Sau simplu cand trebuie si sofisticat atunci cand crezi ca i-ai descifrat toate tainele.

Notele de varf: bergamota de Calabria si petit grain; Note de mijloc: cardamom si ghimbir; Notele de baza: note lemnoase, mosc alb si putina, foarte putina, abia simtita, parca leganata duios  in aburii diminetii, vanilie.Pret 330 lei, 125 ml.

Dosarul de presa este romantic, conturand precis legenda cea noua din cartea apelor alegorice semnate Guerlain(inaugurata in 1999), iar eu il las aici integral pentru iubitoarele genului:

„A citrus, green and musky fragrance


The sparkling zest of sun-soaked fruit.
The delicious freshness of the most fragrant
of citrus fruit… This spring, enjoy a stroll in the shade of the bergamot trees in the orchards of Calabria.

An indispensable ingredient in the legendary Guerlinade and a favourite element of the Aqua Allegoria, bergamot permeates all of Guerlain’s fragrance creations like a ray of sun.

Thierry Wasser, Guerlain’s Master Perfumer, sets off to the House’s partner growers in Calabria at the end of winter to select the nest varieties. They will be blended to obtain a communelle, a skilful balance of essences expressing Guerlain’s fragrance signature. A perfume in itself, at once lively and gentle, green and oral, bitter and sweet…

With Bergamote Calabria, the fragrance’s co-creators Thierry Wasser (Guerlain’s Master Perfumer) and Delphine Jelk (Guerlain Perfumer) have chosen to majestically showcase this iconic fruit, devoting to it for the rst time a creation that beautifully enhances the radiance of the precious citrus fruit nicknamed “Calabrian green gold”.

An aniseed ash of cardamom; the freshness of pink peppercorn and ginger… Delicately adorned with fresh spices that make it sparkle, bergamot is expressed in all of its purity, as if the skin of the fruit were being pressed between the ngers to release its essence. A sun-kissed aroma heightened even further by bergamot juice extract and lemon petit grain with the scents of owers and leaves: a strikingly natural fragrance landscape, enlivened with a breeze of white musk carrying a breath of golden vanilla…”

Rosa Fizz (lansata tot pentru vara anului 2017, alaturi de Bergamote Calabria) este alegoria creata in jurul trandafirului si inlocuieste Rosa Pop (editia din anul 2016). Rosa Fizz poate fi testata si cumparata doar din aeroport.

A floral, fruity and tangy fragrance

The unexpected encounter between a delicate rose and a sparkling duo of blackcurrant and lychee notes.

A cheerful cocktail to savour in a rose garden bordered with fruit trees, after a bicycle ride wherever the mood takes you…


This spring, Thierry Wasser is sweeping us up in a whirlwind of quivering petals with Rosa Fizz. A merry ode to the most tender of roses. As well as a new fragrance interpretation of its luxuriant colour palette.

To evoke the shades of this springtime rose garden, the perfumer has blended notes of tangy fruit to enhance the ower’s facets. The fragrance conjures up lychee’s pearlescent pink-toned esh, enlivened with sweet and juicy blackcurrant notes… A composition that reinterprets delicious eshy fruit and silky petals, rooted in the nest and creamiest of woody notes: sandalwood.

Intoxicated by this sparkling array of fragrant tones, Aqua Allegoria’s iconic bee bottle shivers with pleasure in a frosted version. The pack is decorated with a palette of roses, ranging from crimson to peach.

Adela Sirghie

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